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Fully customizable avatars at the tip of your fingers to navigate through the venue and discover special content created just for the occasion.

The future of events and conferences in the Metaverse is now available to use and is user friendly. Your theme and content can be shared with the world. 

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Discover the Metaverse. The future of concerts and events is here now with virtual performances and avatars that can attend any event from their own homes.

We created Using the technology of @eve_virtual the first of its kind immersive virtual launch event and mini concert in the GCC for the latest album of singer Balqees Fathi. 


Balqees Fathi



A fully customized venue was created upon demand. A welcome area served as an art gallery display with exclusive album art viewable by the public during the pre-event time. Upon entering the main hall guests used their avatars that we customized by them to take their seats. 

The guest of honor graced the stage and screens and a live stream of the artist addressing her fans started. During that time attendees had the chance to chat with each other through the in app messaging service. Press and Media had the chance to have a live Q&A with the host and watch exclusive content in app for the first time. 


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